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Registration of a trade license for self-employed

Would you like to try entrepreneurship and choose the easiest path? Would you like to do business in any kind of crafts in your free time and combine it with your regular employment? Don’t you want to deal with complicated accounting? Would you like to run business and pay lump sum tax?

For you, it makes no sense to found a limited liability company. You need to register your trade license on yourself.

Additional services

Verifying signatures


CZK apiece

Statements from the Registers



Representation in the offices of local authorities

(beyond the standard service for transfer of company)



Preparation of power of attorney



Drafting a consent of owner for provision of company’s address

In case a seat of the company is located in premises of another provider, you need owner’s permission of that property for registration in the Business Register. We will prepare it for you.



Drafting of contracts

Developing a silent partnership contract, rental contracts, performance agreements, mandate contracts, contract work, etc.

1 950,-


Registration for VAT

VAT registration is carried out after registration in the Business Register.

9 900,-


Registration for road tax



Prices do not include VAT.

Get your trade licence quickly, comfortably and without risks for a symbolic price. Do you hate dealing with unfriendly office workers and filling endless forms? Thank to us you can easily avoid all of it!

How to register?

Trade registration is very simple and can be done by any person. Here are the simple instructions:

  • Documents You Need
    The completed standard application form (click here), proof of a place of business, if necessary for the type of business you have chosen, you should also have notarized Czech translations made of any relevant qualifications as a degree certificate or a professional diploma, administrative fee 1000 CZK.
  • Trade Office
    Visit the nearest Trade Office and ask for the registration of a trade license. If you are applying for trade license certificate for all types of work, the majority of Trade Offices carry out the registration on the spot and issue you an extract from the register.
  • Tax Office
    Then you have to register at the local tax office or its territorial department for income tax of individuals.

Do you need help with the obtaining of the trade license? Don’t you have time to deal with local authorities? Let us help you! COMEFLEX Office will make a registration on your behalf based on the power of attorney, and will assist you with completing and preparation of all documents. Subsequently, we will proceed with the tax registration of income tax in the tax office.

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    Other services

    Legal Address

    We offer virtual office and real offices for your company in our Office Centers at prestigious addresses in Prague and Czech Budejovice.

    Company Registration

    It has never been easier and faster to found a new s.r.o. We will found a new company for you within one week at an unbeatable price, which includes all fees.

    Ready made Ltd.

    READY MADE COMPANIES FROM 12 900 CZK. Ready made is a preregistered company for sale to the end customer.

    Representation at the offices

    We can help you save your precious time. Instead of spending whole days in lines and dealing with administrative stuff you can either work or have fun.

    Questions and Answers

    • Korecký Martin

      I live in the Moravian-Silesian region but would like to run business in Prague as a craftsman. Where should apply for a trade license?

      • Comeflex Office

        For several years already there is a rule that registration of a trade license can be performed anywhere in the Czech Republic irrespective of the place of residence. If you do not want to deal with it, our company will take care of registration. If you are planning to live in Prague in the future, there is a sense to arrange a seat of the company in Prague. Thereby you will be under the administration of Prague authorities.

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