Would you like to run your business and have a prestigious legal address in Prague? At the same time, you do not want to pay unnecessarily for the office that you do not need. Virtual offices can save up to hundreds of thousands annually and release your mind from excessive paperwork.

Why entrepreneurs prefer offices in Prague

According to a survey conducted by company Bisnode, 174 552 of domestic companies are registered in Prague. That is 43% of all companies operating in the country. In comparison with the number of people living in Prague (less than 12% of Czechs) it is a big figure.

Why is Prague so popular? The entrepreneurs themselves perceive Prague address as a clear advantage. The address in Prague creates a prestigious impression, thanks to which negotiations with your business partners will be easier. Foreign customers can instantly connect Prague with the Czech Republic, which has a solid name abroad.

Registration of a legal address in Prague is a strong strategic step forward. You will improve your competitive position against small-town businesses. At the same time, you will appreciate less frequent visits from state control offices.

Virtual office is a real help for yours business

Trend develops so that not all firms in Prague really carry out their activities. Entrepreneurs register virtual offices here. Thus, they do not have to pay high rental amounts and may therefore benefit from the indisputable advantages of Prague addresses even when working from home or having office outside the capital.

In addition to registration of a virtual office, you can also use many other services, which will comprehensively “equip” your virtual office. Some companies that provide offices will help not only with the registration of Prague address in the Business Register, but also with other administrative services:

• postal address and receiving all incoming parcels and post

• forwarding of post (either physically to your address or scan to e-mail)

• phone line

• short-term rental of meeting rooms and other

For a better idea, we have calculated the savings that an entrepreneur can achieve. Having a virtual office can save you up to CZK 450 000 per year in comparison to renting a 30 m2 office in Prague 2 at an average price.

In what cases it is better to rent virtual legal address or virtual office

Virtual office is especially very useful for companies that frequently change their actual place of business. Virtual office will remain the same in the Business Register despite the fact that the company is moving elsewhere. It will save you CZK 2 000 for each relocation and thus help you to avoid annoying bureaucratic wheel that you would otherwise expect. Among other things, you will appreciate virtual office even if you search for suitable office space as it might take very long time in contrast to arranging a virtual office, which you can get immediately.