Do you run your business out of Prague and go there for meetings? Alternatively, maybe you would like to expand your team and require reinforcements from the capital (even if for a limited period), or you have a virtual office in Prague… It is not worthy to have a real office in Prague, but you would still fancy an idea to replace the Prague cafés with prestigious area in the Office center. Short-term rent of offices is exactly the service you need.

Short-term rent is best for

Short-term rental of Prague office is especially useful to those who will use it for meetings rather occasionally, so it is not worthy for them to pay for the operation of a permanent office. Permanent office is also extremely disadvantageous because along with the rent you must usually pay many other services (cleaning, energy, etc.). In contrast, it is possible to arrange a short-term rent even for one hour and at very reasonable prices.

The most common situations in which a short-term rent is useful include the use of office for organizing of annual general meetings, meetings with colleagues, training of external employees, negotiations with clients, or state control. Short-term rent will also be useful for the period of reconstruction of your existing office.

At the same time during the regular use of a shared office, you meet the requirement of state finance authorities to have a real seat of the company. This fact is especially useful for owners of virtual addresses in Prague.

How short-term rent works

Whenever you need to use the space for a meeting in Prague, irrespective whether for one or more persons, it is enough just to book the dates in advance and representative fully equipped offices will be prepared for you at the appointed time. You might also appreciate the services of trained personnel that you can order in addition, if necessary.

Main advantages of short-term rent

• You rent an office only for the period that you need

• You save money paying only for the services you really use, and only when you need them

• Get rid of worries with the operation of the permanent office

• Trained staff and modern equipment are at your disposal

• The office is flexible; you can use an entire office or a meeting room whenever you need.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable option of working in the office, arrange short-term rent in Prague with COMEFLEXU. We own all our office spaces. Therefore, we will be more flexible to suit your needs and guarantee serious negotiations.