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About us

Who we are?

COMEFLEX OFFICE is a registered trademark operated purely by Czech consulting company COMEFLEX CONSULTING Ltd.

We are a purely local company with a clear ownership structure. We focus on building a long-term reputation of brand COMEFLEX OFFICE in the area of administrative legal consulting for small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Partners and managing directors COMEFLEX Consulting Ltd are graduates of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration. Years of experience in startups, corporate governance, crisis management, and restructuring brought us experience, which we use for the benefit of our clients who want to set up business in Czech Republic or Prague.

We are outsourcing all necessary administrative activities. We provide legal addresses within Czech Republic and Prague, register and scan incoming post, offer for rent fully equipped offices, provide notary services as well as legal and tax advice. We constantly control all the changes in legislation and help our clients to optimize their business in Czech Republic or Prague.

Our History

2001 – COMEFLEX CONSULTING Ltd. is officially founded as a consulting company specialized in performing forensic audits, due diligence, risk management, investigation and intelligence services, and other specialized services. At the same time, the company also launched a retail chain.

2002 – Soon after foundation, the company introduced a new service to its portfolio, outsourcing of administrative tasks for small legal entities and self-employed. The company started to provide legal addresses and administrative services, including foundation of companies and selling of ready made companies in Czech Republic to clients, organization of general shareholders meetings and legal services.

2003 – The company opened subsidiary on imports of telecommunication and navigation technology from Finland. Close cooperation with Telecom (O2).

2006 – Due to a growing demand and an expanding portfolio of services in the field of administrative services, the company sold retail chain and focused on providing administrative support to entrepreneurs.

2007 – The company sold subsidiary on operations and imports of telecommunications and navigation technology to a strategic investor.

2008 – Provision of legal addresses and short-term rentals at Thunovská 179/12, Prague 1 – Malá Strana.

2009 – Services in administrative organizational consulting are being provided in České Budejovice.

2011 – Obtaining of property at Bělehradská 858/23, Prague 2 – Vinohrady and the start of the provision of statutory seats and other services at this address.

2013 – Acquisition and renovation of properties in the building Jičínská 226/17, Prague 3 – Zizkov and the start of providing office centers and organizational consulting at this address.

2015 – Organization of operation of a newly renovated office center at our legal address Bělehradská 858/23, Prague 2 – Vinohrady.

2016 – Acquisition of ownership in the exclusive real estate, Thunovská 179/12, Prague 1 – Malá Strana and increase in supply of short-term commercial space for rent at this address.

Why us?


Service provider
  • Simple and clear communication for company foundation in Prague and around Czech Republic
  • Permanently high standard of service, ensuring safety and security in the management of the client’s company
  • Versatility services provided to our clients for their back office companies
  • Stable and sustainable low prices based on maintaining high standards of service
  • Standardized processes and methodologies in providing services to minimize the costs incurred by the client
  • Assisting clients in communicating with state and local governments from virtual business addres
  • Long-term fair partner, respecting agreements and rules for cooperation.
  • Partner at legislative changes
  • Full range of services which include cooperation with notaries, lawyers and tax offices
  • Exchanging of information leading to the improvement and simplification of service
  • The best service and price for a quick solution to the problems of ready-made companies in Czech Republic
  • Permanent perception of the staff as the greatest asset of the company
  • Nonstandard evaluation of employees which is motivating for higher performance of the company
  • Standardized working conditions and environment
  • Support of education and personal development of all employees
  • Efforts to permanently maintain a competitive advantage to maximize the company’s value
  • Safe investment policy of the company
  • Permanent process of setting standards leading to cost optimization
  • Systematic risk reduction to ensure the safety of clients and society

Our team

Libor Hraba
Managing Director

Leo Aubrecht
Managing Director

Soňa Linková
Reception manager

Renata Pavlová
Accounting services


For many years, we have been cooperating with ComeflexOffice and have been using their services for having a virtual business address and administrative paperwork. We highly appreciate the professionalism of COMEFLEX’s employees and intend to continue our business partnership with the company.  We are very satisfied with the efficient work COMEFLEX is doing for us.

Milan Petr

With COMEFLEX CONSULTING Ltd. we gained not only legal address in Prague city center but also got an opportunity to use other services that facilitate business. COMEFLEX CONSULTING Ltd. and its employees were always reliably serving our needs. Receiving and forwarding of post to our address is one of the service we using the most.

Ng. Petr kalčic

Let us take this opportunity to thank you for the long-term cooperation in the management of administrative processes for ETERNAL Ltd.  Successful cooperation has been ongoing since 2006, and from a wide range of services, we mostly appreciate regular sending of official notifications about received post to our e-mail and web application “Správa firmy”, which allows us to have a complete overview of our incoming post.

Mudr. Martina lišková

Since 2007, the Foundation of Zdeňek Žádníková uses the services of COMEFLEX CONSULTING Ltd. We are more than satisfied with provided legal and administrative services. We highly appreciate professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and most importantly top quality of work of COMEFLEX CONSULTING Ltd employees.

Zdeňka Žádníková Volencová
President NFZ