Companies have only one month to introduce changes into the finding document to suit the new Law on Corporations. These changes must be approved by the general meeting in the presence of a notary. In COMEFLEX we can help you fulfill all these obligations.

The general meeting is the supreme body of the limited liability company or joint stock company, and they are in accordance with the Law on Corporations obliged to convene it at least once a year. If the general meeting approves the financial statements, it must take place no later than six months from the last day of the accounting period.

In some cases stipulated by law it is required the presence of a notary who makes a notarial deed about accepted decision at the general meeting. Such cases as changing the shareholder contract, distribution and transfer of shares or a change of the initial capital should always be introduced at the general meeting with the presence of a notary.

The general meeting also distributes profits and appoint or dismiss executive directors. Routine management of the company belongs to executives, although formally the general meeting is the supreme body of a company.

If a company has a sole shareholder the general meeting is not held and all the powers belong to him.

Companies must be on the Web

The general meeting must be convened at least fifteen days in advance, its term agenda and draft resolutions must be notified in writing form to all shareholders. With the new legislation in some cases all this information including subsequent minutes of the general meeting must be available on the company’s website.

Executive director of the company has to provide a copy of the minutes of the annual general meeting, which elects its chairperson and secretary. The minutes must contain the particulars, especially description of discussion on the agenda items and decisions and voting results of the general meeting. Proposals and decisions submitted at the general meeting and the attendance list are attached to the minutes.

In COMEFLEX, we can take care of all your legal obligations such as convening, organization and conduct of the general meeting, including legal services. We can arrange the presence of a notary, preparation of all the necessary contracts and documents, and record the minutes of the meeting.

In addition, our lawyers can assist with the approval of closing of accounts, transfer or selling of shares, business expansion.