Good advice is beyond price

Do not start your business without thinking in advance about all the important aspects that might later cause complications or unnecessary additional costs.

We recommend consulting not only starting businesspersons, but also experienced entrepreneurs who decide to purchase, for example, a limited liability company, and companies that are considering restructuring to joint stock company

Do you consider the following questions? We can help.

· What legal form is best for me?

· What trades licenses should I obtain?

· Is my company name acceptable?

· What are the duties I have as the executive director?

· What kind of the shares to choose?

First meeting and what should you prepare

Consultations in COMEFLEX can take place in person in Prague at one of our branches or by phone. Usually it takes 30 to 60 minutes of your time. During a meeting, you will understand the basic form of your company.

It is important to think in advance about all activities of your new company. Based on that, for example, you will understand what trade licenses you should apply for. For additional registration of other trade licenses you have to pay extra.

The name of the company plays a very important role. It should reflect the line of business. Ideally, the name should consist of maximum two words that can be easily memorized by the target group. The name must be also original; otherwise, it will not be registered in the Business Register.

Finally, during the meeting with us together we will decide on the required amount of initial capital. Even if nowadays you can found Ltd. with only one crown as a share capital it is not always a good decision for the company’s future. We will advise you on the amount of capital required and how to distribute shares in case of multiple owners.

Let us to found a company for you

Based on the meeting with us you will have all the necessary information in hands to open a company. To release you from such a cumbersome duty, we offer to found a company for you according to all your requirements. During the consultation, you can easily request to open a company for you. Simply fill out a short form. In COMEFLEX we will prepare all necessary documents. You just need to come for signing the contracts and can start your business after agreed time.