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Phone services

We will arrange a phone line lease for you With the lease we provide VoiceMail service as well. Through electronic voice mail you have the possibility to receive voice mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week dní v týdnu. All received messages are electronically recorded and forwarded in .wav format to an e-mail address given by client.

Fax number lease

We will arrange a fax number that enables you to record fax messages in electronic form through electronic box. Received messages are automatically forwarded to an e-mail address given by client.

Answering and transfer of calls by operator

We ensure your calls answering in Czech or English speaking operator (answering up to 50 calls a month). Operator takes over messages from clients or, the other way around transmits tghe messages to clients in an arranged way (sms, email,...).

Other services

  • Call transfer - In case of need we arrange call transfer to your cell phone. You will be able to handle your calls on the go, too. The transfer costs are covered by client (according to operator_s price list).
  • IVR - According to your wishes and needs, in the range of your assigned number you have the possibility to create your own communication "tree" (transfering to reception, voice mail, voice presentation of various information on company etc.) Thereby, your clients are ensured a non-stop service.
  • Mailbox - We offer also establishment of a business e-mail address (yourcompany@pragueoffice.eu or yourcompany@myoffice.net). This address enables to receive e-mails, faxes from your fax number etc. In case of need, forwarding to a different e-mail address is possible.

Price list

Phone line lease Fax number lease Phone line lease with operator service
Price for customers with residence 49 CZK / month 49 CZK / month 199 CZK / month
Price for customers without residence 99 CZK / month 99 CZK / month 299 CZK / month