Ready made Ltd.

Ready made is a preregistered company for sale to the end customer.


Ready made Ltd. for sell

Ready made is a preregistered company for sale to the end customer. Our ready mades are without history, employees, and obligations but they are officially registered in the Business Register and have fully paid share capital.

Our ready made companies meet all the necessary requirements under applicable laws. Within a few hours, you can start negotiations and signing the contracts on behalf of the company.

Ready made companies for sale

Currently, there is no ready-made company for sale.

Ready made companies with history for sale

order a legal address for
24 months
12 months
without service

NANOSTUDIO s.r.o., IČ 02446910

Year of foundation: 2014, Initial capital: 200 000 Kč, Number of shares: 1, Number of executives: 1, Free Trade

15 900,-


17 900,-


21 900,-


COMEFLEX CS s.r.o., IČ 04980069

Year of foundation: 2016, Initial capital: 200 000 Kč, Number of shares: 2, Number of executives: 2, Free Trade, VAT payer

24 900,-


26 900,-


28 900,-


* Prices include VAT.

Steps to sell ready made company

  1. Order
    Book your company from our menu or call the information line on 800 474 747.
  2. Preparation of documents
    Our legal department will prepare all documents and contracts that are required for the registration of changes in the Business Register.
  3. Joint meeting
    During one joint meeting, we will choose the executive from your side and arrange the transfer of shares. Starting from this moment, you are fully responsible for the company. At this meeting, you will take over all the documentation to the company.
  4. The registration of changes in the Public Register
    We will submit all required documents for you at the court and will represent you in the process of making amendments. We will inform you after successful completion.
  5. Guarantee
    We guarantee the ultimate successful registration of the company in the Business Register. In the case of fail we return 100% of the price.

Why to buy a ready made from COMEFLEX?

  • Reliability
    We ensure to provide you a company without legal problems and debts. We are real people in a purely Czech company.
  • Individuality
    The structure, name, amount of capital, business licenses, everything is according to your requirements.
  • Paid up initial capital
    We pay for you 100% of the share capital in any preferred amount
  • All types of business
    A trade license certificate for all types of work (80 areas of business)
  • Speed
    It takes up to days to start your business in the company of your preferences.
  • No need to travel
    We are able to solve everything for you without your personal presence. We solve everything via virtual communication and power of attorney.

Price includes

  • Consulting and legal services
  • Preparation of contracts and documents for registration of amendments
  • Administrative fees, stamp duties, verification of signatures, conversion
  • Transfer of property, submitting of changes to the court
  • The company is registered with opportunity to operate in any of the 80 areas of business
  • The Company has fully paid initial share capital
  • Registration of corporate income tax
  • Possibility to register a company by the type of activity for which a license is required, also in price

Additional services to ready made companies for sale

A company’s seat already from

We offer real and virtual seats in Prague



Notarial Deed

When you change a founding document, particularly in paragraphs of company name, ownership structure, relocation of seat outside of Prague.



Each additional copy of a notarial deed

One copy of the notarial deed record is included into the price. Each additional copy of the document is charged separately.



Registration of changes EXPRES

If you need to write the changes into the Business Register in the same day of transfer of shares, the transfer must be carried out in the presence of a notary.



Bonded, licensed or vocational trades

Registration of trades in the public register.



Verifying signatures

(beyond the standard service)



Statements from public registers

(beyond the standard service)



Representation in the offices of local authorities

(beyond the standard service for transfer of company)



Power of attorney

(beyond the standard service for transfer of company)



Drafting a consent of owner for provision of company’s address

In case a seat of the company is located in premises of another provider, you need owner’s permission of that property for registration in the Business Register. We will prepare it for you.



Drafting of contracts

Developing a silent partnership contract, rental contracts, performance agreements, mandate contracts, contract work, etc.



Registration for VAT

VAT registration is carried out after registration in the Business Register.



Registration for VAT

VAT registration is carried out after registration in the Business Register.



Prices do not include VAT.

Other services

Legal Address

We offer virtual office and real offices for your company in our Office Centers at prestigious addresses in Prague and Czech Budejovice.

Company Registration

It has never been easier and faster to found a new s.r.o. We will found a new company for you within one week at an unbeatable price, which includes all fees.

Ready made Ltd.

READY MADE COMPANIES FROM 12 900 CZK. Ready made is a preregistered company for sale to the end customer.

Representation at the offices

We can help you save your precious time. Instead of spending whole days in lines and dealing with administrative stuff you can either work or have fun.

800 47 47 47

+420 257 199 661


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Questions and Answers

  • Anonym

    Today, I received an envelope with a money order CZK 3,000 for registration in the State Register of companies. When we were founding a company, you told that the price was final. Do I have to pay?

    • Comeflex Office

      Hello, do not PAY! This money order is from one of the companies from Brno, which is trying to earn money on registration of your company in an insignificant catalogue. The price you have paid when founding your company is final and there is no need to pay anything extra.

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