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I need s.r.o., but I do not have time to come to you. Is there way out?

anonym, 16. 4. 2016

Hello, you are interested in a limited liability company and ask if we can transfer the rights on you without you having to come personally to Prague? Such a possibility exists. If you send us your personal data by email, we will prepare a power of attorney, application form and contracts, and send back to you for signature. We will do everything for you.

Hello, I need to found a joint stock company, but I have no experience of drafting the founding document. What does it contain and what should I prepare?

anonym, 18. 9. 2015

Hello, we can provide our standard founding document, where we will put the data of the people elected to your company’s bodies and make the changes in the text according to your needs. Alternatively, we can draft a unique document just for you where we will take into account all your ideas. We need only one meeting.

I live in the Moravian-Silesian region but would like to run business in Prague as a craftsman. Where should apply for a trade license?

Korecký Martin, 6. 1. 2016

For several years already there is a rule that registration of a trade license can be performed anywhere in the Czech Republic irrespective of the place of residence. If you do not want to deal with it, our company will take care of registration. If you are planning to live in Prague in the future, there is a sense to arrange a seat of the company in Prague. Thereby you will be under the administration of Prague authorities.

Today, I received an envelope with a money order CZK 3,000 for registration in the State Register of companies. When we were founding a company, you told that the price was final. Do I have to pay?

anonym, 18. 9. 2015

Hello, do not PAY! This money order is from one of the companies from Brno, which is trying to earn money on registration of your company in an insignificant catalogue. The price you have paid when founding your company is final and there is no need to pay anything extra.

Hello, what is the shortest time I can rent a conference room and at what price?

anonym, 18. 9. 2015

You can rent a conference room already from one hour. If you wish to rent a conference room after working hours of the office center, it is necessary to negotiate the price individually.

I am interested in s.r.o. company. I wonder what it takes to found a company if I am a self-employed and already have a trade license?

anonym, 23. 11. 2015

You are opening a new, independent legal entity, new s.r.o. You should apply for a trade license for this entity, and therefore it is necessary to complete the registration process again. Nevertheless, you have a bit of an advantage. It will be easier for you to demonstrate your competence in the area of this trade license.

Hello, on Friday, we are going to found two new s.r.o and we would like to arrange a legal address for each of them from your company. What do you require from us and how much would it cost? On Friday, we will have notarial deed. Then we could stop by to your office. Until what time are you working on Friday? Legal address is either in Prague 1 or in Prague 2.

anonym, 16. 12. 2015

Hello, for preparation of documents we require from you only founding documents of new companies. We will prepare a contract and agree upon the scope of provided services on a personal meeting. You can find pricelist of our services HERE, where you can also see all details. For signing the agreement, we will meet at Praha 5, nám. 14. října 1307/2, opening hours Mo-Fr from 8:00 to 19:00.

I know that in case if s.r.o has a problem, I will risk with all my property. With this in mind, before I open s.r.o., I would like to make a transfer of ownership of part of the house to another person. I am not sure whether I risk with the property that I own when a problem occurs, or the property that I owned when the company was founded. Or does it matter that I owned part of the house half a year ago?

anonym, 18. 9. 2015

Limited liability company is a completely different entity than you as a physical person. Therefore, as a physical person you are not responsible with your property for your business idea. Only up to the amount of outstanding share capital. As a shareholder, i.e. owner in this case, you should not have any concerns about your property. The situation is slightly different in the function of executive director. The executive director is the person who is responsible for the commercial activities of the company and acts on behalf of the company externally. This person is risking with to the property in case of committing a crime or fraud. Even then, the scope of responsibility of the executive against the third party.

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23. 5. 2014

The General Meeting must be organized at least once a year.

Companies have only one month to introduce changes into the finding document to suit the new Law on Corporations.

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