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Ready Made Joint Stock Company

Let the complex process of setting up a joint stock company on us. We will found a new joint stock company within one week at an unbeatable price, which includes all administrative fees, stamp duties and notary fees.

We will provide you a standard form of statutes for a joint stock company, possibly with minor modifications, or jointly prepare new statutes that will suit all your needs.

Price of joint-stock company registration

Price foundation of a joint stock company
49 900,-
Reduced price for company foundation
Reduced price is valid under condition of using the service of company seat with payment for min. one year in advance.
44 900,-
Reduced price for company foundation
Reduced price is valid under condition of using the service of company seat with payment for min. two years in advance.
39 900,-
Prices do not include VAT.

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How to Proceed

  • Order
    Please contact us using the form on the website or call the information line on 800 474 747.
  • Consultation and figuring out the requirements
    We are ready to help! First, we will discuss the main parameters of your new company. You will share with us your idea of the requirements for the structure of the company, name, scope of business, legal address, amount of capital, the number of board members etc. Based on that we will prepare draft statutes and discuss together the final version.
  • Preparation of necessary documents
    After the final version of statutes is approved, our legal department will prepare all documents required for the foundation of the company and its registration in the public registers.
  • Negotiations
    We will arrange an appointment with a notary in the shortest time possible, usually within two days. At this meeting, your company will be officially founded and you will receive a copy of the founding document from the notary.
  • Trade license and Business Register
    After financial capital reaches the bank account, the company will be registered in the Business Register. Before that, however, the company will receive appropriate business licenses.
  • Registration at the Tax Office
    After the company's registration, the company will be registered for the taxable corporate income.
  • Ready to operate company
    You receive a ready to operate company from us for one price.

Advantages to found a company with us

  • Speed
    It takes up to days to start your business in the company of your preferences.
  • Convenience
    We solve everything in one place during one meeting.
  • No risk
    Your trade license is registered under applicable law.
  • No administration
    You can fully concentrate on developing your business and let the professional company take care of administration.
  • Integral services
    Professional company will arrange notary and legal services, including preparation of all documents required for listing in the public register for you. Thus, you will not forget anything.

Why to found join stock company with COMEFLEX?

  • Guarantee
    We guarantee the ultimate successful registration of your trade license in the Business Register. In the case of fail, we return 100% of the price.
  • Reliability
    Trust is important for us. We help entrepreneurs to run their businesses successfully already since 2001.
  • Expertise
    We will prepare all necessary documents for the registration and advise you what is required for successful registration.
  • Experience
    Our experienced professionals will consult you about all the steps that should be done after the registration. We have developed and time-tested approaches for all the operations.
  • Integral Services
    Apart from the registration of the trade license, we are helping our clients to operate with minimum cost. We offer integral services that include provision of legal address, commercial space for rent, administrative services, accounting, phone line and more.

Company Foundation with COMEFLEX:

Company Foundation

Do you need advice on founding a company in Prague? Don’t you know how to create the articles of association or partnership agreement? Don’t you have time to deal with local authorities?

Let us help you! COMEFLEX Office will open a company for you, which will meet all your necessary requirements and will be in accordance with applicable legislation, and will precisely match the needs of your business and your ideas.


Additional services and prices

A company’s seat already from
We offer real and virtual seats in Prague
Each additional copy of a notarial deed
In the process of company foundation, one cope of founding document is included in the standard price. Each additional copy of the document is charged separately.
Verifying signatures
(beyond the standard service)
CZK apiece
Statements from public registers
(beyond the standard service)
Representation in the offices of local authorities
(beyond the standard service for transfer of company)
Power of attorney
(beyond the standard service for transfer of company)
Drafting a consent of owner for provision of company’s address
In case a seat of the company is located in premises of another provider, you need owner’s permission of that property for registration in the Business Register. We will prepare it for you.
Drafting of contracts
Developing a silent partnership contract, rental contracts, performance agreements, mandate contracts, contract work, etc.
1 950,-
Registration for VAT
VAT registration is carried out after registration in the Business Register.
9 900,-
Registration for road tax
Prices do not include VAT.

Joint-stock company

Since 2014, all business corporations are governed according to the Act 90/201which capital is divided into a number of shares. The minimum share capital amounts CZK 2 000 000 or EUR 80 000. Contribution to the authorized capital of the company may be non-monetary, which then must be valued by an expert.

Foundation of the company requires the adoption of the statutes where the founders, among others things, determine the internal structure of the company. We distinguish two-tier system and a unitary system.

In the two-tier system, company has management and supervisory board, but the number of members (may be only one person) as well as the period of functioning (if not specified, lasts 1 year) of these bodies is not determined. In the unitary system, there are Statutory Director and the Board. The number of board members can be freely determined in the statutes, and may be even one person (if not stated otherwise in the statute, the Management Board has three members). The Chairman of the Board may exercise simultaneously the functions of a statutory director.

Joint stock company issues nominal shares (then tracks the list of shareholders) or bearer shares. Bearer shares may exist only as registered or so-called immobilized securities. Different types of shares can have various special rights. They can determine participation in profits, different power of votes at the General Meeting etc. These particular shares should be clearly specified in the statutes. A novelty on the market is no-par value shares. When specified by the statutes, the company may issue shares, which have no nominal value and represent the same participation in the company financial capital. This participation in financial capital is determined by the number of no-par value shares. One no-par value share mean one vote, unless the statutes allows the issue of shares with different power of votes.

As of 1.1.2014, all joint stock companies have obligation to run a website where they must disclose information such as financial statements or invitations to the General Meeting etc.


Hello, I need to found a joint stock company, but I have no experience of drafting the founding document. What does it contain and what should I prepare?
anonym, 18. 9. 2015
Hello, we can provide our standard founding document, where we will put the data of the people elected to your company’s bodies and make the changes in the text according to your needs. Alternatively, we can draft a unique document just for you where we will take into account all your ideas. We need only one meeting.