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Offices and commercial spaces for rent in Prague


In case you do not have a permanent office or require something different for your purposes … Say, a meeting room for 12 people with projection equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi, concierge services and catering.

We have a solution for you. The luxurious and fully equipped conference and meeting rooms available at all our addresses are always at your disposal and we will arrange a short-term rent already for one hour and more.

This service is available to all our clients irrespective if we have a valid contract for providing a legal address to them or not. Why should you meet with your business partners in a restaurant? With us, you are always on the top.


Additional services and prices

Rent of projection equipment
Rent of projector including projector screens. Price is valid for a single day.
copying or printing A4
(including paper)
scanning of document A4, A3
Scanning of incoming documents and sending to the client’s email or storage on flashdisc.
qualified secretarial work
text processing in Czech language, general secretarial work, rewriting of texts, taking minutes of meetings, etc.
Paper for flipchart
CZK apiece
Coffee espresso
CZK apiece
Cafe latte
CZK apiece
CZK apiece
Bonaqua - 0.25 l
softly carbonated, still
CZK apiece
carafe of water - 1l
Water can be served with citrus slices
CZK apiece
Other soft drinks
juice, coca-cola
CZK apiece
Sandwiches, cakes, sandwiches and other (only by order 24 hours in advance). We charge actual costs according to the invoice + 15%

Office Equipment

  • Reception staff is always at your disposal in commercial space for rent in Prague
  • High-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Flipchart
  • Large screens to connect to your laptop
  • Copying services,
  • Refreshments and buffet catering,
  • Rewriting of texts/ meeting minutes,
  • Printers for rent
  • PC for rent,
  • Phone landlines for rent,
  • Basic office supplies


Hello, what is the shortest time I can rent a conference room and at what price?
anonym, 18. 9. 2015
You can rent a conference room already from one hour. If you wish to rent a conference room after working hours of the office center, it is necessary to negotiate the price individually.
Is it possible to rent a conference room along with projector?
Marek Č. Nymburk, 12.2.2016
You can use the large screens that are part of the equipment of some conference and meeting rooms (included into the price), or you can rent a projector upon agreement.